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Vecta Labs – Is it possible to combine tools, process, and technology to begin predicting and solving external interference problems before they occur?

This week, our US and Australia teams spent some time together in the USA. In fact, Australian R&D team lead, Dr Brendan Horsfield joined US field testing team members Ben Cardwell, Liam O’Neill, Ron Burk, and Alex Contreras, as they spent time field testing and external interference hunting to resolve network problems across Georgia. 

During the week, the team travelled around 2,000 miles together in a car, attending live sites and resolving external interference and network problems.

At the same time, from an R&D perspective, Brendan was able to work closely with the field-testing experts to determine ways to innovate technology and process-based solutions to achieve the best results, and instead of reactively responding to external interference, work together to find solutions that might allow a proactive approach.

External Interference Testing

US President, Vecta Labs, Ben Cardwell explained that by combining the practical abilities and on-site expertise of the field-testing teams with the theoretical and technological capabilities of the R&D specialists, the team have really been able to bring some of Vecta Labs deep industry experience to the surface. 

“External interference troubleshooting is one of Vecta Labs core areas of expertise, however, to date, we’ve always been reactive when it comes to solving external interference, but now we are thinking about it differently and how we can resolve the problems before they occur,” Ben said.

“Finding synergies between our best-in-class R&D team and our field teams, we want to come up innovative solutions to detect and remediate these external interference problems, even trying to predict in advance – we want to create tools and process to solve problems and predict problems.”

If you are interested in understanding more about the external interference troubleshooting and field testing capabilities or Vecta Labs, or if you’d like to talk to us about R&D and new technology and process offerings, please get in touch by emailing us at, or via our website HERE.