Vecta Academy

Vecta Labs provides specialist customized training modules for investigation, remediation and acceptance of legacy sites, macro, small cell, IBC and other RF infrastructure.

As industry experts and through Vecta Labs’ combined internal experience in Test and Measurement, our trainers can provide tailored, innovative, flexible training modules to suit your business needs.

We are committed to developing relevant skills by providing knowledge based classroom learning with hands-on practical field based “On-Site” training.  Training is suitable for Network Engineers, interference detection specialists, RF Engineers, Site Engineers, installers and riggers.

We offer scalable project support for existing network improvements or new network roll outs. Vecta Labs can assist in Method of Procedure (MOP) development which can help ensure that your documentation and acceptance criteria meet best practice industry standards.

Training Modules

(101 Classroom, 102 Site)

Vecta Labs is able to develop and implement specific training modules such as our KPI Analysis 101, Cable Handling and Testing 101 or 102, Antenna Alignment 101 or 102, PIM Causes and Testing 101 and Spectrum Analyser & Interference 101, among a range of other training programs as required by companies who need their staff to be trained and evaluated against them.

Staff outside of the project are welcome to attend training modules to broaden and improve their skillsets.

Methods of Procedure


At Vecta Labs we can help you to create MOPs for your staff, based on specific projects or needs.

Further, we can work with Network Operators to implement MOPs into their routine operations.

MOPs can include Interference Hunting – tailored to Network Operators test equipment. Includes on site measurements as well as drive test measurements, Site PIM and VSWR testing – instructions on performing site testing as well as identifying probable faults at site, Site Acceptance and Auditing – the inspection of a site for final acceptance, detailed record taking and block diagrams of the site, Component Acceptance – the testing of components before installation, and Investigating OSS KPIs – how to identify issues that are impacting site KPIs.

Skills & Outcomes


Once completed, staff training by Vecta Labs will have a specific set of skills allowing them to continue with further ongoing test and repair programs.

Following Completion of our training programs, your employees will be able to:

Create project plans for site testing

Analyse & understand the impact of PIM & interference on network KPIs

Perform site audits against cell files

Measure PIM, VSWR and interference

Identify faults at site

Document actions performed at site

Provide internal training

Methods of Procedure

In addition to the skills acquired outcomes, of the Vecta Labs training programs achieved by your employees include:

Successfully implement and plan a test and repair program

Through KPI analysis, identify cells likely impacted by PIM, external interference and other factors

Correct site data including block diagrams

Repair faults at site with high levels of certainty minimizing downtime and truck rolls

Full traceability of faults and actions at site to improve future fault analysis and site design

Increase number of trained capable staff growing the quantity of repaired sites significantly

Enforced warranty and damages claims against vendors

Construct and certify sites correctly in the future

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