Vecta Labs provides 3rd party independent testing solutions to improve RAN performance allowing operators to maximize return from the RF system.

Three platforms of testing services are offered, Qualification Testing for certifying design and manufacturing quality, Pre-Commissioning Testing for verification of manufacturing quality and Site Investigation, Remediation and Acceptance.

Vecta Labs innovative test solutions positively impact Operator’s capex and opex decisions associated with network expansion and enhancements to legacy infrastructure. Through the use of Vecta Labs testing solutions, operators gain better information for vendor selection and negotiation through the use of independent performance, quality and reliability data.

Vecta Labs experience demonstrates that poor performance in sites is often due to vendor supplied products not performing to specifications, poor workmanship on site and legacy problems becoming evident with later site rework or expansion. By focusing on preventing defective material entering service, identifying latent product defects and site deficiencies, Vecta Labs is able to help minimize such problems impacting future reliability and site performance.

Qualification Testing

Pre-Commission Testing