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Vecta Labs Facility Upgrades – An Update

Over the past year, at our Australian Vecta Labs HQ, we’ve been making a few upgrades. As an organisation, we have been able to develop tools and technology that has allowed us to do PIM testing remotely, as well as creating a sector assembly line and testing facilities in-house. However, as a lab and science led business, we have been conscious of continuing to upgrade our facilities and tools to ensure they are the best-in-class laboratory testing, building and research facilities possible.

We’ve made some great progress over the past year and wanted to share a few progress snaps here – we very much look forward to unveiling the final improvements to our facilities, which we will launch in the new year. Watch this space – we’d also love to invite any of our customers or partners down to visit the upgraded facilities when you are in Sydney.

Please do drop us a line if this is of interest –