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Vecta Labs at IICA Technology Expo 2022

Innovation is the lifeblood of Vecta Labs.

As such, we spent the day on Wednesday, 18 May at the Institute of Instrumentation Control and Automation (IICA) Technology Expo 2022 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

While we weren’t a vendor at this year’s event, it was great to be back at expo’s which (as we all know) have been less accessible over the past few years.

At the packed-out event, we were able to engage with 70+ vendors, all delivering automation and improvement in technological innovation – safe to say, we were inspired by much of the technology and tools available to industries across the board in 2022.

We cannot wait to see how innovation in technology continues to evolve now and into the future.

Some of the new technologies and innovations that stood out to us specifically included German engineered cable protectors, some of the phenomenal, futuristic network connection technologies and tools designed to enhance the protection of lab facilities like ours as well as technology that is designed to benefit our environment.

We are certainly excited to engage with operators who are as passionate about technological advancements and automation as we are.

We also wanted to say thank you so much to the IICA for having us on site.

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