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The best burger in the world vs Vecta Labs

In the film, The Founder, which tells the story of Ray Kroc (played brilliantly by Michael Keaton) and the advent of McDonald’s, arguably the world’s most well-oiled assembly line.

In one scene early in the film (watch via THIS LINK), Keaton’s Ray Kroc visits a restaurant called McDonald’s, where he orders a burger and within moments, he gets his meal.

It came quickly. Much more quickly than he expected, and like every other person who ordered from McDonald’s the meal was created equal. It was fast, high quality and tasted great.

Asked how it is, Kroc replies, “This might be the best hamburger I’ve ever had in my life”.

Here, we are introduced to the assembly line and quality-processes that eventually led to Kroc taking over the business, and building the behemoth that is McDonald’s.

Speed, consistency, quality, process and perfection were at the core of what McDonald’s were trying to do. Every member of the team had a role to play in getting the perfect burger made.

“Every McDonald’s burger has 2 pickles, a pinch of onions and a precise shot of ketchup and mustard.”

They are all made to the same exact high-quality standard.

And, while everyone has an opinion on McDonald’s today, the fact is that no matter where in the world you travel, a McDonald’s hamburger (or Cheeseburger) and some of their other core staples remain pretty much exactly the same and you, as the customer know exactly what to expect.

This is exactly what Vecta Labs does with our Sector Assembly process. We have a specialised team who work in their own stations, some are on the assembly line, others work with the cabling and connections, while others test the sectors to ensure they are performing as required. Our assembly process is one dedicated to producing Sectors that are ready to be installed (with our Exoflex system, we’re talking minutes to have them installed and sent live on towers), have been tested and will work every time.

If you haven’t already done so, we’d love to invite you to visit our assembly line, or we would love to share footage and video, and showcase our process to you. Please reach out today via as we’d love to set up a time to meet with you.