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Telecommunications and the Melbourne Cup – Vecta Labs

With the “race that stops the nation” happening today at the famous Flemington racecourse in Melbourne, Victoria, punters from across Australia and the world will be tuning in to watch, stream, listen to and keep across all the action.

However, in the world of telecoms, we want to make sure that while the race is active, the nation can access high quality, fast and efficient cellular networks, streaming and telecoms – this ensures everyone can watch, stream, or listen to the race uninterrupted for the best experience. 

Reviewing user’s cellular and mobile behaviors at major events (like The Melbourne Cup), Ericsson published a piece on its global website recently which highlighted how 5G enhancement and speed can improve the mobile user experience. 

Ericsson noted that as mobile and data use continues to increase, spectators and visitors to the events are most eager to have a quality event experience, including factors such as event atmosphere and feelings of excitement, relaxation, and closeness to the event activities. 

They also highlighted that connected sporting arenas that use 4G and 5G technologies are best suited to cater to visitors’ needs for more digitalised services and immersive experiences at any event, which add that next level of event involvement. 

In fact, as we gear up for the cup today, and as we move further away from traditional broadcast models, which required long cables, 5G networks will be enhancing the cup and viewing experiences for all of us. 

In an article on its website, TVU Networks highlighted the real value of 5G for major events, explaining that “5G changes this equation [requirements for cabling] by offering a wireless contribution solution with more than enough bandwidth to handle HD and 4K signals, enabling IP video from broadcast cameras to be transported with ultra-low latency.”

As a business with key interests in the value and performance of telecommunications and 5G networks, the team at Vecta Labs will be watching the cup today with a keen eye on how the coverage rolls out, how well mobile and telecoms performs and how much data Aussies and others watching use during the event.

As far as betting, our bets are on a great mobile and telecoms experience for all cup attendees and guests.