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Why Sector Assemblies – Part 5 – Improved Vendor Performance

The fifth of our six-part series on the benefits of using the Sector Assembly in your Network deployment will focus on demonstrating why Sector Assemblies will improve Vendor Performance, which might be one of the most important reasons to consider it.

To date, we have shared four reasons to consider Sector Assembly, which have really aimed to consider our customers directly, however, in parts five and six, we want to talk about flow on benefits for your vendors.

In our Sector Assembly testing process, we aim to deliver to the highest standards, in turn, ensuring the products you, the Mobile Network Carrier receive from your vendors are of the highest product performance and quality.

This results in an improved mobile network performance for your subscribers, which, we know ensures retention and helps to minimize churn.

At Vecta Labs, we have a track record for delivering on our promises when it comes to Sector Assemblies.

In 2020, we were responsible for the delivery of 27 cellular sites using Sector Assemblies, while in 2021, this spiked, growing to approximately 400 sites. Because of improved efficiencies, customer benefits and flow on effects to vendors and their customers, this number is continuing to grow.

To find out more about our Sector Assembly processes, to book a meeting with Director and Founding Member of Vecta Labs, John Bonello, or for any other information on Sector Assembly, please get in touch today via

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Keep your eyes peeled for the final reason in part six, releasing next week.