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Qualification testing vital to driving broadcast adoption of 5G technologies

In an era where technology adoption is crucial for the broadcasting industry, a recent survey by Haivision highlights a significant trend: 73% of broadcasters are planning to utilize 5G technology within the next two years. 

Considering this shift and adoption of 5G technology by the broadcasting industry, Vecta Labs, Business Development Director for the US, Jonathon Labadie shares his thoughts as to the important role that qualification testing will play in driving this change.  

“This move towards 5G is not just a testament to the industry’s embrace of advanced network technologies but underscores the vital importance of conducting comprehensive qualification and antenna testing,” said Jonathon.

“Ensuring a robust and stable network through meticulous testing is not just a matter of maintaining quality; it’s about future-proofing broadcasting in an increasingly digital and cloud-dependent world. 

“As the industry pivots towards these cutting-edge technologies, the commitment to rigorous testing protocols will be paramount in unlocking the full potential of 5G for broadcast contribution, offering unparalleled reliability and efficiency in live video transport,” Jonathon said. 

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