Daniel Schwotzer, Vecta Labs

Daniel Schwotzer

Operations Manager

Success in business and in life to me is being happy, looking forward and driving a future that builds and improves on today and working with Vecta Labs I get to do that.
Daniel Schwotzer

In the mid-1980’s, Danny completed his apprenticeship in electronics and precision mechanics at Wild Heerbrugg AG, a designer and manufacturer of precision optical and electronic surveyors’ equipment in his native, Switzerland. In 1987, 22-year-old Danny emigrated to Australia, where he started working at Interscan International.

It was while working with Interscan, an aerospace radar engineering company that Danny met future business partner and co-founders of Vecta Labs, John Bonello and Bevan Jones.

At Interscan, Danny worked as a technician on the production line, where he gained a deeper understanding of the importance of quality manufacturing and following protocols to achieve the best outcomes.

When Interscan was sold, Danny, John, Bevan and one other business partner set up Argus Technologies, which specialised in designing and producing innovative antenna solutions for wireless applications. Danny worked as the production manager at Argus Technologies, while he and his business partners grew the company from a start up to a multinational operation, employing more than 700+ staff.

In 2011, Argus Technologies was acquired by CommScope.

In 2014, Danny, Mike, John, Greg and Bevan founded Vecta Labs, bringing together their experience and knowledge in the worlds of antenna manufacturing and radio frequency, filter technologies.

At Vecta Labs, Danny oversees operations. Based in Sydney, Australia, Danny, and his team have designed test systems, test processes and software that ensure all data collected by Vecta Labs technicians around the world is consistent and accurate prior to providing test results to our customers,

“I spent a lot of my early career working as part of a NPI team responsible to bring new products into manufacturing as well as solving procurement and assembly process problems.

“I helped to improve functionality of the technology, while coming up with new, creative manufacturing solutions.

“In my early days with Vecta Labs I worked closely with Greg to come up with and manufacture new designs like our testing labs. We had to consider so many different factors when designing our portable test labs, including environmental risks, equipment issues and capabilities, test planning and how we would manufacture the new technology.

“We had all the building blocks but had to learn how to assemble them.

Over time, Danny’s role at Vecta Labs has continued to grow along with the team. Today, he oversees the operations team in Australia and continues to assist the Vecta engineering team.

He works closely with Mike, John, Greg and Bevan to ensure operations and processes work to enhance and improve outcomes for Vecta Labs clients and is regularly in contact with clients seeking advice and asking for ways to improve their processes.

Danny describes Vecta Labs as more than a supplier to customers.

“Vecta Labs is a very dynamic company, independent from everyone else, so if you have a problem and are looking for a real solution, we can help you solve it.”

“Our combined knowledge of the industry alongside our independence and ability to try new things is what sets us apart.

“Today, we are a small enough team that we can pursue what we decide is worth pursuing. We can explore and try new things and we can work on things and create solutions. We have an entrepreneurial team that see there are things that can be done, and we are given the freedom to do what needs to be done, which is very exciting.”

When not at work, Danny enjoys spending time with his family. Hobbies are building / renovating, motor sport, skiing and watching sports.