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Home Improvements at Vecta Labs

As a wise man once said, “Home wasn’t built in a day”.

At Vecta Labs, we completely understand that sentiment, as our Sydney headquarters continues to undergo transformations.

Because Vecta Labs is a laboratory level testing facility, which also houses our assembly line, we’ve been working hard to ensure the lab facilities are the best in class globally.

Vecta Labs Founding Member, Mike Symes explains: “Our brand name is Vecta Labs as our facilities are laboratory settings. We are a company built on laboratory testing, using scientific capabilities and laboratory testing environments to do our work – it’s fascinating stuff.”

Fascinating stuff is absolutely the best wording to define what is done in our lab settings – we often feel like a group of mad scientists trying to create technological innovations that will improve cellular communication, while creating opportunities for technologies such as self-driving vehicles to become realised in the very near future.

As such, our facilities need to consider the future, allowing our engineers, scientists and the wider to do the best work we can.

Progress is ongoing, but every day we continue to work to improve the quality of our headquarters and, while we regularly share snippets inside the facilities, we cannot wait to share more as we continue to improve our capabilities and facility settings.