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Chicken vs Beef: An Anecdote for Qualification Testing

Have you ever been at a corporate lunch or an event where the food is “alternate dropped”, meaning you will get one meal option while the person next to you gets a second option?

On Friday, Vecta Labs General Manager, Darren Webster found himself at a high-profile business lunch where this was the case, and the alternate food drops were chicken or beef – not out of the ordinary by any means.

However, when the food was dropped one of Darren’s neighbours at the lunch asked the question – “Why don’t they just serve beef over chicken? Everyone wants beef.”

At the time, Darren didn’t think much of it (he had received the chicken dish), but afterwards, this got him thinking, why can’t people have the most premium offering without having to pay a premium for it (after all, the lunch tickets all cost the same $ amount)?

“I know the chicken vs beef argument doesn’t quite relate to what we do at Vecta Labs, but it did make me think of our qualification testing processes,” said Darren.

“Our qualification test services is always a beef offering at chicken rates. At Vecta Labs, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality and level of qualification testing possible.

“We are always upfront and don’t provide false hope to our customers when testing their RF technologies and components – we can’t count the number of times, we’ve been invited in to test new RF components that have failed,” Darren said.

“The reasons we see a higher-than-average failure rate is because we do extensive testing of every sample product, including electrical testing, full environmental testing and mechanical testing – we provide a high-quality beef offering.”

During the years we have delivered third-party testing RF and tower component testing, Vecta Labs has witnessed a very significant failure rate in new tower top RF components used in cellular systems.  

Having tested thousands of samples from many suppliers, the failures have been categorised into major and minor, electrical and mechanical, and into groupings of failure modes.

We won’t leave our customers cellular performance to chance, so we have developed a testing methodology that is designed to catch everything. We know that not every RF component or antenna works in the same way, so we test them based on their use and useability.

We always love to speak to our customers and interested parties about our testing methods, failure rates, how we identify failures and our full suite of qualification testing, so if you’re interested in having your components qualified by Vecta Labs, please get in touch today.