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Cellular technology and trends in 2023 – What’s in store?

Wondering what 2023 might have in store when it comes to mobile trends? To be honest, so are we.

Doing a little digging, here are three trends that have been highlighted as ones to watch for 2023 –

1. Augmented reality is on the up and up: Like it or not, augmented reality is becoming more and more integral to the way we use mobile phones. highlights the rise of AR as its top trend for mobile in 2023. According to, Tik Tok and social media is one of the core drivers for this –

“Video background editing and even face-swapping tech are also growing in dominance, with these technologies becoming more advanced and easier to use as we’re quickly moving away from the days of blurry backgrounds and superimposed people in TikToks.”

2. Cost effective app development: According to some experts, the battle between Android and iOS apps may soon be over, as developers continually focus on ways to create app technologies that work across platforms. suggests this might be a more cost effective and user-friendly way of developing apps.

As a company that focuses on improving network quality for all mobile users, we are intrigued to see how these apps work, and if some of these new hybrid apps will function seamlessly across devices.

3. Security: In our opinion, we’ve seen enough cyber-attacks in recent times to last a lifetime, and we are 100% on board with increased security for mobile and cellular technologies.

It seems we are not alone in our desire for improved security, as users are removing and not using apps that they don’t deem to be secure. In fact, a global mobile phone user survey from Statista revealed that almost 45% of iOS and Android customers would stop using a mobile app and tell their friends to do the same if they believed an app wasn’t secure.

Sauce Labs says app security should remain the number one priority of mobile app development in 2023, and we must say we agree.

At Vecta Labs, we believe that in 2023, we’ll continue to see massive leaps and bounds in the ways we use mobile and cellular technologies, and as always we remain committed to working towards ensuring everyone gets the best quality service and data possible.