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AI dominated the discourse: Key discoveries from MWC Barcelona 2024

Wrapping up on Feb 29, 2024, Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona brought together industry leaders, technology specialists and a whole gamete of cellular industry professionals and sectors. Vecta Labs was on site and privileged to showcase some new tools and our core skillsets, engaging with and meeting industry leaders.

Vecta Labs US Business Development Director, Jonathon Labadie was on the ground and shared his key learnings and thoughts on MWC Barcelona 2024.

“At Mobile World Congress 2024, artificial intelligence (AI) dominated the discourse, with numerous companies proclaiming their latest innovations in this arena. Despite my initial scepticism regarding the market impact of many showcased technologies, the event was a blend of embryonic concepts and genuinely groundbreaking ideas. The thought of potentially becoming obsolete in my field due to these advancements was somewhat disconcerting. However, it’s clear that we are still at the nascent stages of understanding AI’s full potential across various industries.

“I was particularly impressed by the significant strides made in the drone sector within telecommunications. Reflecting on the journey from their introduction to the consumer market to their current state, the progress is nothing short of remarkable. The evolution of technology, as observed at MWC 2024, suggests we are at a tipping point that could propel us beyond even what we can currently envision. This brings to mind the transformation wrought by the internet before it became a staple of daily life. The technologies available today might usher in a level of societal change comparable, if not superior, to that era,” Jonathon said.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Vecta Labs and the tools we showcased at MWC Barcelona or to meet with Jonathon, please get in touch with him at today.