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A sight to see: TPG antenna placed in Surfer’s Paradise

At Vecta Labs, one of our favorite moments is when we get to see a tested, assembled, site ready antenna installed in a new location, or to replace one in need of repair.

Our business is ensuring antennas are tested for interference risk, assembled to ensure quality and delivered to our clients with a big tick, stating they are ready to go.

Internally, we work hard to complete all testing and assembling on our assembly lines, or live on different site locations. However, as we work hard to ensure the antennas and sites we work on are quality tested and ready for antenna placement, we often miss out on seeing the final step of the process, where antennas are placed and activated.

On the rare occasion, we do get to see this happen and we thought you might like to take a behind the scenes look (forgive us as the footage was shot on a mobile phone camera). Here we watched on as a TPG antenna was placed in Surfer’s Paradise on the Gold Coast, Australia.

See the footage below: