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5G X The Cloud

Have you ever noticed that when 5G is mentioned in a statement, there is often a mention of “The Cloud” as well? If not, you might keep getting recommendations on your phone or computer to “update your cloud storage”, which seems to be filling up faster than ever before. 

I bet if you hadn’t noticed this, now we’ve asked this question you’re probably going to notice it from now on. 

There is a reason for this and it all comes down to data speed, accessibility and storage. In the most simple terms, one of the aims of 5G technology was to support the download, upload and capturing of content in real-time. 

5G coupled with cloud-computing can offer businesses, users and networks a suite of benefits. These benefits can range from increased connectivity, such as an ability to connect to a fast network from almost anywhere, improved security systems by detecting “hackers” and cyber-attacks, and a reduction in delays when it comes to storing information, photos, videos or documents. 

One other fascinating opportunity that comes from a partnership between 5G and the Cloud is XR or Extended Reality, which is an umbrella term for augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality, plus upcoming and other immersive technologies. To work well, XR requires large amounts of data to be downloaded on devices from multiple cloud sources. The sources can be distributed over multiple locations and high speed is required to ensure a seamless experience. 5G’s speed, power and capabilities make this possible – XR is something we remain fascinated with, so we’re watching this space closely.

So, to answer the original question, why are 5G and “The Cloud” mentioned together? The reason is that by combining these two elements, we can create ultra-efficient, real-time data security and downloading opportunities. 5G affords cloud-computing an increased speed, so it opens up a whole ream of possibilities from improved network connectivity, an ability to access files and data in real-time from almost anywhere in the world, and the ongoing opportunity for virtual office spaces, remote working and an even-more connected world. 

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