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Vecta Labs – How might 6G change the game?

As a company dedicated to the improvement of cellular networks, at Vecta Labs, we are always looking to the future, and even though 5G is continuing to be rolled out globally as we write this, we are already to starting to consider just what 6G might bring to the table.

Before jumping into the deep end here, we need to be honest, it will likely be a decade or so before 6G becomes a reality, and beyond some of the easy to understand benefits of 5G such as the potential to significantly improve network speeds (estimates are up to 50x as fast as 4G LTE speeds) as it continues to roll-out, we still have so much to learn about the benefits 5G might bring to the table especially when it comes to augmented reality, AI and the potential (dream) of making self-driving cars a reality. We are still very much in the discovery phases when it comes to what value 5G has to offer the world.

However, 6G is coming and it could totally change the game again. The reality is, right now, 6G is in development and we don’t know exactly what it might offer, but according to research papers and developers, a core aim of 6G cellular technology will be to create a “truly integrated network offering”.

University of Sydney Professor, Dr. Mahyar Shirvanimoghaddam has suggested 6G could allow users to achieve speeds of up to 1TB per second using a compatible device – this is 100x faster than the fastest “hypothetical” speed of 5G and around 1000x faster than standard home internet being used today – in other words, it is very quick.

While we don’t exactly know what the future of 5G and 6G looks like, we certainly think some pretty amazing things will happen over the next 10-20 years when it comes to cellular technology and we can’t wait to be a part of it.