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Wires are always involved (even in Fixed Wireless networks)

We love this Dilbert cartoon – it always makes us laugh!

The reality is when developing the technology for any wireless network including the new Fixed Wireless networks, wires are involved. 

In a Fixed Wireless network, the end user will not require wires, as radio signals deployed from “ground stations” or specialised radio towers to transmit data to outdoor antennas, connection boxes (reuter), and your mobile devices. 

Wires, however, are needed to connect the panel sections that make up the towers and are required to link each tower in a transmission chain together, and to connect them directly to an exchange via a hard fibre connection.

Additionally, there will be wires required to feed the outdoor antennas required by Fixed Wireless networks and connect them to your reuter. 

In saying this, at the end of the day, Fixed Wireless and other wireless networks do allow much more access to the internet and mobile networks in what feels like a wire free environment. 

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