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Why Sector Assemblies – Part 6 – Improved Vendor Management

If you’ve been following along our ‘Why Sector Assemblies’ series of posts, this is the final post of the six-part series.

Building on post five which talked to improving vendor performance, the final core recommendation for using Sector Assemblies is Improving Vendor Management.

Specifically, KPI reporting on vendor performance will aid vendor selection and management.

Our third-party Sector Assemblies process focuses on outputs for our customers, and we test products rigorously, ensuring when they are put together, they are ready for immediate use and will operate well.

Further, we are a vendor, so we get how important it is to meet KPIs.

Using Sector Assemblies, you can really measure performance and quality of outputs, and you can do so quickly. Further, using a Sector Assemblies process, you can ensure consistency of outputs over time, or of you notice changes in quality and consistency, you can raise this in real time.

In a nutshell, we truly believe Sector Assemblies improve the overall quality of network performance. With more than 400 sites rolled out and growing and with a track record of some of the fastest times to install sectors (in Surfer’s Paradise we installed three sectors in two hours), and a 100% first time site on-air performance providing 3G, 4G and 5G coverage, we are confident in our work.

At Vecta Labs, we are the only lab in the world to have achieved the ISO 17025 certification for PIM testing, we develop and have patented the technology that tests for interference, identify, and fix defective hardware to optimize network quality and improve user experience, and we partner with telecommunication providers to support them in their mission of improving and offering the best quality network coverage to their customers.

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