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Vecta Sure: A symbol of our service

Vecta Sure is a symbol developed by Vecta Labs as an assurance that our services provided are of the very highest quality.

Vecta Labs is a scientific testing company working in the field of telecommunications. Essentially, we are a test laboratory, using highly technical systems, processes and equipment to perform our work. To oversimplify what we do at Vecta Labs, we provide independent test services to qualify RF components used in cellular networks as well as providing testing and remediation services for cellular sites.  

Our mission is to help cellular operators build the best network, the first time. 

We have developed technologies and tools to improve testing capabilities, which occasionally set the global standard for the industry. 

As a business, our aspiration is to ensure we deliver the highest quality and caliber of service available anywhere in the world – this is what Vecta Sure symbolizes.

When you see this symbol on our sector assembly, on tested products or on cellular towers, we want you to know, using the best-in-class technology and scientific techniques available, our team have gone above and beyond to ensure testing has been thorough, assembly is top notch, and we have delivered on our promises. 

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