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Vecta Labs welcomes Optus to our Sydney headquarters

On Thursday July 7, Vecta Labs welcomed Optus into our #Sydney headquarters.

 Nokia Customer Delivery Manager, Mark Lawton organised the facility tour for Optus and Nokia with our team at Vecta Labs. For the tour, founding members, John Bonello and Danny Schwotzer along with our GM, Darren Webster took the visitors through our facilities, explaining the sector assembly line and processes we take to ensure quality. A highlight for the guests was an insider look at and demonstration of our anechoic testing chamber and innovative testing, our product qualification testing laboratory and our pre-fabrication technology solutions.

We wanted to thank both Nokia and the Optus team for taking the time to visit our unique facilities, to share anecdotes and stories about the work they do and to discuss ways the industry continues to innovate, improving cellular technologies for everyone.