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Vecta Labs – Responding to questions around 5G

As a technology company specializing in mobile network solutions and testing, on occasion we get asked questions around the public perception of 5G and associated “panic”.

When we are asked questions about the public concerns about 5G, it can be tough to respond, as questions can be somewhat generic in nature of overly broad.

When we do respond, we are very considered.

We ask ourselves, “what is the general consensus when it comes to public concern around 5G – are a lot of people really “panicked” or is it a smaller cohort pushing for answers?”

The fact is 5G continues to be an emerging technology, as we are learning more about the capabilities it might afford us every day.

In saying this, we would never dismiss public concern and as such, we wanted to provide a top-level response – this won’t answer every question, but might help to address some concerns:

While numerous studies and meta-studies have found no evidence that 5G poses a risk to human health, ongoing case studies by industry leaders, equipment vendors and groups such as the NGMN will need to demonstrate the safety of 5G (active steering of beams).

We have already seen safety zones on sites be extended to ensure the well-being of workers on cell sites. We are sure other changes will need to be implemented to ensure safety and satisfy the general public’s concerns.

At Vecta Labs, safety of our staff and the public is always of paramount concern.

If you ever do have any questions around how we can help ensure the safety of your cell sites or test mobile network equipment, please get in touch today –