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Vecta Labs proud to announce the appointment of our US leadership team

At the beginning of 2022, Vecta Labs set ourselves the ambitious goal of finding three telecommunications leaders based in the USA to lead and grow ongoing operations throughout America.

As we enter 2023, we are pleased to have achieved this ambitious goal, making three very significant appointments who are quickly becoming a driving force for Vecta Labs on the ground in the USA.

Speaking to our US ambitions and, Co-Founder and Director, Vecta Labs, Michael Symes explained: “The US is a market Vecta Labs has worked in for a while now, however, to deliver the caliber and quality of work required, we needed to build an on the ground leadership team who are deeply immersed in the US telecommunications industry.

“As an organization, Vecta Labs has the know how when it comes to telecommunications testing, PIM and the technologies used, however, we believe that to be truly successful, you need people on the ground who not only understand and lead the industry when it comes to technology, but who understand the nuances of the country, living and breathing it every day – that’s what we have found in our newly formed US leadership team.”

The US Leadership team is made up of industry leaders, whose enthusiasm and willingness to join Vecta Labs is a testament, and we are truly privileged to have been able to build this team.

Joining Ben Cardwell – Vecta Labs, President for the Americas, whose appointment we announced in August 2022, Vecta Labs is pleased to announce other senior appointments including:

  • National Operations Manager for the USA, Devon Sanchez: With more than two decades of telecommunications industry experience throughout the United States, Devon brings a wealth of understanding around the US cellular industry, as Technical Operations Manager with Ericsson, with Katherin USA as a Test and Repair Manager, Technical Sales Engineer and more.
  • National Field Engineering Manager for the USA, Hugo Qunitana: Having spent more than two decades working with CommScope, Hugo is one of the USA’s leading Technician’s and Engineers, with a deep knowledge of technology, field testing and RF.

Speaking to the appointments, Michael Symes said: “Personally, I am really pleased with the three key roles we have filled, and I genuinely think we’ve ended up with the best people in each of these roles. We very much look forward to working with [and continuing to work with] Ben, Devon, and Hugo as we expand our US presence and build the Vecta Labs brand in the USA.”

As we progress through 2023, Vecta Labs has several significant announcements to make around what we are doing in the USA, in Australia and throughout the globe, so we encourage you to watch this space.