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Vecta Labs: A Solution Focused Business

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Vecta Labs has been built through passion and a desire to impact and improve the way mobile networks and cellular technologies work for all of us. We are a solution focused business, built to solve problems and support innovation and progress in the telecoms industry today and into the future.

This passion started with our leadership team, who summarize the purpose of Vecta Labs work – see what they have to say below:

“We are innovators here at Vecta Labs. At our facilities we assemble and test cellular systems to ensure the performance of cellular products for our customers”John Bonello

“Mobile Networks fascinate me, because of the innovation and change they push.  Every subsequent generation (3G, 4G, 5G etc) resets the technology, generates new challenges, and creates entirely new businesses.  A fresh start.  These networks are not just about communications but are becoming tremendous enablers for all that is new.  Remember how 4G very quickly eroded the competitive advantage of the taxi industry (the radio system), giving rise to Uber and others.  Many lessons learned”Michael Symes

“At Vecta Labs we drive out problems in existing infrastructure and roll out new solutions to enhance the quality of experience for the mobile user”Greg Delforce

“Vecta Labs is a very dynamic company, independent from everyone else, so if you have a problem and are looking for a real solution, we can help you solve it” Danny Schwotzer

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