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Third Audit complete of Vecta Labs against ISO17025 accreditation for PIM testing

Vecta Labs is pleased to announce that we’ve completed our third audit for ISO17025 accreditation.

Vecta Labs believes it is the only test facility in the world to have ISO17025 accreditation for PIM testing.

As with all audits, there were challenges faces, and as a team, we are working to ensure our standards and services stay fast, meeting the requirements of ISO17025.

Just a few years ago, this accreditation was something we could only dream about and we are extremely proud that we have been able to complete our third audit for accreditation.

As anyone who has followed our journey to accreditation would know, when we applied, there were no Proficiency Testing Programs available in the market for passive intermodulation measurements. This meant that our team at Vecta Labs had to devise, implement, perform, analyse, and document our own inter-laboratory test project. Further, the outcomes identified needed to satisfy the requirements of the accreditation body and ISO/IEC17025.

Speaking to the audit process, General Manager at Vecta Labs, Darren Webster said: “It was a pleasure to host an A2LA representative on site for our 3rd assessment against the ISO 17025 standard. Our initial assessments were performed remotely during the height of COVID restrictions which introduced many other challenges when demonstrating our competencies. For example, imagine trying to demonstrate dynamic PIM testing using ATE software in a fully shielded RF anechoic chamber, using face time.

“The brilliance of the ISO 17025 standard is that it is a good health check for the overall quality and business management systems. It encourages our team to identify continuous improvement opportunities in all facets of the business.”