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The importance of telecommunication technologies in 2022

Every day at Vecta Labs, we work to build, improve, and reshape technologies to enhance the quality of telecommunications and networks in the US, Australia, Asia and elsewhere around the world.

However, it’s not every day that we take a step back and consider just how important telecommunications are to modern society and our lives.

In Australia, the constitution written in 1901 included the clause ‘telephonic and other like services’,  which suggests that even back then the government was intrigued by the possibility of new technologies that would enhance telephone communication, which over the past 121 years has included the advent of technologies such as computers, email, the internet, cellular an telecommunication tools, radio devices, mobile phones, smart phones, text, SMS, video messaging, social media, mobile apps, 3G, 4G, 5G and so many more amazing tools that we use every day. We use telecommunications technologies to communicate, we use it in the delivery of medical science – be that using Electronic Health Records, telephone / zoom consultancies with doctors, telemedicine – including the ability for people living remotely to have scripts filled out using apps, or to consult with doctors and get access to therapies from wherever they are – telecommunications technologies are amazing.

Beyond the healthcare sector, the military and defence industries use so many different radio transmitting tools – from handheld, man-portable and vehicle mounted radios, wireless digital intercoms, tactical radios and data links, satellite communication, systems, and digital terminals right through to threat detection technologies and tools – all linked to the telecommunications industry.

And, talking to these things, we are only scratching the surface – we haven’t even started talking about space and the technologies used there.

Further, every day, we see telecommunication technology drive careers, jobs – from taxi’s and uber drivers to food delivery, right through to education providers, governments and everything else – I think you’d be hard pressed to find anyone working in 2022 who doesn’t use some form of telecommunication technology in their job today.

Telecommunication technologies in 2022 are so varied and necessary, we’ve even seen them allow the creation of a new form of celebrity – the social media influencer, we’ve used telecommunications to create streaming services for TV, we listen to music on our smartphones through internet technologies, all made available because of telecommunications technology.

We know that this post literally scratches the surface of just how amazing the world is today because of telecommunications technologies – we know that people living in the USA can speak to family members from anywhere in the world, we can capture memories on our smartphone cameras and upload them to the cloud or social media to share with the world.

Telecommunications plays a massive role in the world every day, and at Vecta Labs, we are pleased to be able to play a small part in this phenomenal industry. If you ask me, I think taking a few minutes to step back and just remember how important these technologies are for all of us is a pretty worthwhile exercise.

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