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The Culmination of a Life’s Work – Vecta Labs Founding Member, Mike Symes interviewed by leading UK entrepreneurial publisher, Jan Cavelle

Michael Symes

On July 1, an article was published by UK based author and publisher, Jan Cavelle. The article was part of her series on world leading entrepreneurs and business leaders. This particular article is important to us because it was an interview with our Founding Member and Director, Mike Symes.

The subject matter is candid and fascinating, as Mike shared his own personal story and described how the founding of Vecta Labs resulted from a culmination of his life’s work and remains something he is extremely proud of today. Further, Mike and Jan spoke about everything from data consumption, the life and brand awareness of Apple and the internet, Mike’s journey to being involved in the launch of Vecta Labs, right through to subjects including the importance of mobile network testing and opportunities around 5G.

Mike dropped some fascinating facts and insights as he described his excitement around the telecommunications industry globally and the opportunities it is driving for the future.

Check out a few tasters of the article below, and check the full article out at:

  • The establishment of Vecta Labs was achieved through a culmination of relationships enduring for more than twenty years, between five people (John Bonello, Dr Bevan Jones, Danny Schwotzer Greg Delforce and Michael Symes).  All had important founding roles in what was to become a world-first global testing and measurement business.
  • [Vecta Labs] offer ways of testing components before installation and field testing that can be used even in the most remote site to ensure everything works before commissioning.  They also go into existing sites and seek out faults to improve performance.  These might have arisen from problems with components, poor installation, or lack of training in the workforce.  
  • Michael sees massive potential for Vecta’s future and loves the innovation that change enables. Vecta has developed transportable core competencies for measuring performance that can shift sideways to be used in adjacent industries and markets, entirely disconnected from mobile communications networks.  We know little about these future applications and opportunities Michal says, although we feel certain that advanced test and measurement, probably utilising artificial intelligence and deep learning will be at the core of our business long into the future.