Specialist independent test, fault management and training solutions to improve legacy sites and overall network performance.

Vecta Labs’ experience demonstrates that a combination of installation and component quality in legacy sites influences overall network performance leading to a poor subscriber experience. Vecta Labs performs and trains best practice investigation, remediation and acceptance of legacy sites, macro, small cell, IBC and other RF infrastructure.

Poor performance factors include:

  • Vendor supplied products not performing to specifications
  • Poor workmanship on site
  • In band interference
  • Antenna misalignment resulting from ad-hoc repositioning to fix coverage problems
  • Legacy problems becoming evident with later site rework or expansion
  • Network design deficiencies

Vecta Labs provides the operator with direct on site and field contracting services and can also offer a combination of service, classroom training and on the job training modules to suit the operator requirements. Customisable training modules can also be delivered.

Cell Site Works

Training & Evaluation