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Why Sector Assemblies – Part 4 – Reduced OPEX Cost

Let’s be honest, one of the most frustrating things to happen when you have a site ready to turn on when you find a fault or issue and need to swap out a faulty component.

In the world of cellular network towers and antennas, any fault or issue can result in a delayed site commissioning and can leave customers with a network that’s not performing. Further, it will result in increased operating expense (OPEX) costs, which with some forward planning could have been avoided.

Enter – Sector Assembly.

The fourth reason to consider Sector Assembly for your RF antenna technology is to reduce your OPEX costs, by ensuring the product that you receive is 100% ready to roll out.

Our interference testing and protocols mean that the products we send to our clients have been fully tested, avoiding the need for return site visits or swap outs of the technology.

At Vecta Labs our sub-assembly preparation processes, installation of antennas, Radios, Break Out Boxes, RF components, and hybrid cables along with RF Path Testing and RRH Functional Testing processes, cable routing, clamping and waterproofing of the boots, and our final inspection and HOP processes ensure that the products we roll out from our facility floor are totally tested and ready for use.

If you’d like to find out more about any of the processes we’ve mentioned here or to understand how we can help reduce your OPEX costs, get in touch via today.

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