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Why Sector Assemblies – Part 3: Reduced test and install expense

If you’ve been following our series, ‘why Sector Assemblies?’, you will be familiar with two key reasons for using a Sector Assembly when it comes to assembling and testing mobile network components, including radios, antennas, and new mobile network technologies. 

Before sharing the third point, we’ll recap quickly on reasons one and two:

Reason 1 – A Sector Assembly ensures the installed products meet full radio frequency (RF) design performance.

Reason 2 – A Sector Assembly ensures reduced deployment time – equipment works first time, reducing the need for fault finding and resolutions when the technology is in field. 

Continuing our series, in part 3, we want to focus on commercial benefits for mobile network businesses when using Sector Assemblies, compared to site works.

Reason 3 for choosing Sector Assembly is simply, reduced test and install costs

Laboratory  based assembly and testing is more efficient and cost effective than traditional  site works. In our large facility, and through a tailored assembly process, we can ensure efficiency, quality of work, and that costs come in much lower than they do to assemble on site. 

See below for our assembly process, which outlines how we guarantee quality, while working quickly and keeping costs down:

By working efficiently, through our own controlled processes, we ensure the highest quality workmanship, making sure everything is assembled correctly (double and triple checked), and because we have in-house interference testing facilities, we look for flaws, interference risk or existing problems during the assembly process. This means, when our clients receive their assembled and fully configured RF equipment, it is ready for use. 

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