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Why Sector Assemblies: Part 1

At Vecta Labs, one of our core capabilities is the ability to integrate components into a Sector Assembly for a Cellular Site. We provide services including full configuration control of frame assembly, RF components and cabling. In addition the full RF path is tested for return loss, isolation and passive intermodulation. We also locate and remediate sources for external interference sources on the assembly.

What makes us unique, is we do this all on the ground in our testing laboratory, ensuring the RF components of a cellular site are ready for install.

We have a rigorous, tried and tested protocols when it comes to our assembly lines, always ensuring we exceed the highest industry standards.

In saying all of that, you might be asking the question – “why Sector Assemblies?”

To answer this question, over the next few weeks, we are going to share a series of blog articles delving into various reasons for using the Sector Assembly solution, and how it improves network rollout.

The first reason is simple – a Sector Assembly allows the Mobile Network Carrier  to achieve full RF design performance. In our facility, the Vecta Labs assembly team product test the cellular antennas and all components to ensure the installed product meets its full design performance.

If there are any troubles or problems, we catch them immediately and work to resolve them on the ground, making certain that when the final product is installed, it will work first time, guaranteeing a faster and better network rollout for our clients.

If you have any more questions on our Sector Assembly process or want to find out more, get in touch today –