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Out of the Noise: Christine Blair, Kaelus – Technology Agnostic but creating tools that are vital to the future of the telecommunications industry – Part 2

If you’ve been interested to understand how industry leaders see the future of the telecommunication industry, part two of our ‘Out of the Noise’ interview series with Vice President of Research and Development for Kaelus, Christine Blair is a great introduction.

Following on from part one of the interview series, where we spoke to Christine about 5G technology and introduced discussion around the next 5-10 years and the introduction of 6G, in part two we speak to Christine about how the industry can keep up with the progress to 6G (and beyond) and discuss the importance of PIM testing today and into the future.

Check it out below:

3. How can the industry keep up with this progress and what should we be doing to ensure customers and the telecommunication industry in Australia keep ahead of the curb when it comes to 5G and 6G?

The deployment of new spectrum bands sometimes can lead to unexpected cellular system performance issues caused by interference. These interferences can be caused by external interferer or can be self-generated due to passive non-linearity in the system, creating passive intermodulation (PIM). The more high-power transmit signal passing through a non-linearity, the more chance for the PIM to fall within the frequency band of one of the receivers.

4. What are some of the most exciting things, in your opinion, about the innovation in cellular technologies and mobile networks happening in Australia and globally?

Kaelus, being the pioneer in PIM testers, is recognised for the RFCS and Antenna product quality, when it comes to PIM. In addition, the PIM finder solution is an innovative test equipment solution developed to combat the PIM interference issues in cellular systems.

For more information on Kaelus and the work they do, head to the Kaelus website –

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