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Our take on the telecommunications rollout in Qatar

As the FIFA World Cup kicked off in Qatar this week, the Vecta Labs team have been paying close attention to the telecommunications roll out, as we know how important radio frequency and cellular communications technology are in broadcasting this massive spectacle globally.

Based on what we’ve seen so far, we’ve been very impressed by the Mikrolink telecommunications and communications rollout so far.

Reading up on what Mikrolink has been doing for the past four or so years in preparation for the Cup, it’s phenomenal to see how they have used cutting-edge technology to enable high-quality communications for the world cup, even delivering 5G services across stadiums and World Cup locations by using 5G smart poles, in-building solutions, and fixed and mobile base stations.

Boy, do we wish we could be on the ground running RF tests to understand just how high quality the service delivery is – our guess is that it would be gold standard, as Mikrolink and all cellular operators working in Qatar partner together to ensure high-quality coverage to the close to 4-billion people expected to watch the World Cup from around the world.

And while we are talking gold standard, we have to comment on the quality of the USA vs Wales game – what a cracking game that was – our US offices were cheering for their squad, and while they came away with a one-all draw, it was not through a lack of quality on their end.

And from the Vecta Labs team in Australia, we want to wish the Socceroos all the best in their campaign, taking on the force that is France – while France might just be one of the best teams in the world, we know our boys have heart and don’t understand quit, so we will be cheering The Socceroos on.