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MWC 2023: Unleashing Tomorrow’s Technology Today. On the ground with Vecta Labs

The theme of Mobile World Congress 2023 is “Unleashing Tomorrow’s Technology – Today”. As such, Vecta Labs business leaders from Australia, Mike Symes and Greg Delforce and our USA President, Operations, Ben Cardwell have spent the past few days in Barcelona attending the 2023 conference. 

Sharing his take on the event in Barcelona, Ben explained:

“Prevalent across the eight exhibition halls – all of which are packed – are promises and proof points about 5G and how it can be monetized for the benefit of consumers, operators and enterprise organizations.

“Artificial Intelligence was at the forefront of much of the innovation on display, demonstrating that an ecosystem is fast evolving and relies on the presence of a ubiquitous and reliable network, which lands squarely in Vecta Lab’s sweet spot. As a business, we work to help operators ensure their mobile networks operate at a level of performance that has never been required or achieved in the past,” Ben said.

While on the ground at MWC, Mike, Greg and Ben have been able to visit stalls and engage with other leaders from the telecommunications industry. It’s safe to say the creative juices are flowing.

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