Bill Davison

Bill Davison

US National Director

Success in business and in life to me is being happy, looking forward and driving a future that builds and improves on today and working with Vecta Labs I get to do that.
Bill Davison

Vecta Labs US National Director, Bill Davison has close to five decades of experience working in telecommunications, and throughout his career he has done it all.

He started his career working with Bell South in July 1973, and for the next 25 years, Bill worked with Bell South, building a career and his knowledge of the industry.

With Bell South and throughout his career, Bill has worked as a ‘jack of all trades’, from working in sales, with fiber and emerging equipment and technologies, through to writing code and taking on management and oversight of projects of all scales and sizes, including the 1996 Olympics project in Atlanta.

Bill has spent time managing special projects including restoration of telecommunication services after hurricanes and major weather events.

Throughout his career, Bill has been privileged to work with some of the most well recognized US based telecom providers at all stages of business development.

In 2018, Bill was engaged by Vecta Labs to lead the US operation, which he continues to do today. Working with Vecta Labs, Bill oversees all departments from HR and billing through to sales, project management, partnerships and rollout.

“Success in business and in life to me is being happy, looking forward and driving a future that builds and improves the lives of our employees, our customers, their businesses, and society. Today and working with Vecta Labs I get to do just that. We have a great culture.

“Today, I remain a jack of all trades, which is what I love. I get to learn something new, work with all of our clients, sell in and grow the Vecta Labs business in the US and across the globe.”

“The most exciting thing to me about what we do at Vecta Labs is the opportunity. Customers and the industry want to work with us, and we offer services unique in the industry, all designed to improve our customers business. Our results always speak for themselves, as we follow strict processes that are designed to ensure success.”

Bill describes Vecta Labs as an independent test house, which provides clients with factual, unaltered data that demonstrates the success and capabilities of their technologies and hardware.

“In my opinion we lead the industry and all hardware and technology being developed today should come to us to vet, as we will offer factual data to telecommunication providers around what they are delivering or developing.

“We also offer site solutions, resolving interference and improving service delivery. We find interference or PIM and clear it out. We go in and help improve your networks.”