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Key Takeaways from MWC Barcelona 2023

Being back at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year seemed almost surreal, especially when we consider the past few years, covid lockdowns and the world standing somewhat still.

To be back in a room filled with industry delegates, friends, business associates and a host of new faces was thrilling. 

And, while the world stood somewhat still, technology, especially in the world of telecommunications did not. In fact, in many ways, we had an opportunity to consider new things and spend time working on the way we have (as an industry) traditionally done business. For us at Vecta Labs, who at the core of our business are involved in the creation of, use of and implementation of new tools and technologies, all to improve mobile networks, communication speed and accessibility, it was exciting to be back with the industry at MWC 2023, as we all align and focus on how we can reshape the future of telecommunications.

A few of the most interesting outcomes of MWC (based on our own experience and from following discussions in the global press) include:

A shift to B2B: Speaking on the #changeofdirections show, Data Journalist, Trend Spotter and Show Producer for Beyond Innovation (Bloomberg), Nicole Scott explained how this year, MWC seemed to shift from a consumer focused show to a more B2B focused show, highlighting that B2C are using other platforms to launch their products, like YouTube, smaller shows etcetera, so she thinks in the future, the show will become a more B2B focused show. 

While we agree with Nicole’s sentiment and do agree that there was a shift this year with B2B getting more attention, we do think there will always be a place at MWC for B2C and are always excited about how customers feel about telecom products. In saying that, we are a B2B business, operating to support other businesses and we appreciate the value a show like MWC 2023 affords us as a B2B provider, meeting other like-minded businesses and having the chance to consider business partnerships and new ways of thinking about B2B than we might otherwise do.

We certainly look forward to what the future of MWC is, and if it is more B2B focused in the future, we are interested to see what that looks like and how it can improve and support innovation and policy for the telecommunications industry globally. #watchthisspace.

AI is taking over:

We’ve heard it for years. AI is the future, but based on what we saw at MWC and from all reports coming out from the event, in 2023, AI is the present and we should expect to see it everywhere. 

Writing in Forbes late last week, CEO of the Futurum Group, Daniel Newman highlighted that “From beamforming to RAN optimization to sustainable infrastructure, AI is becoming increasingly critical throughout the telco industry.” 

We saw this clearly, as MWC highlighted ways that mobile could design and look after AI, stepping away from the cloud. It is mind-blowing stuff, but it’s pretty clear that AI is becoming something we, in the telecom industries and in the tech space, are going to be seeing more of. 

Our takeaway – We need to understand and work with AI now and into the future. 

The industry is stepping away from traditions with a keen eye on the future: 

Beyond the tech itself, the industry is shifting. We’ve always looked at innovation and how we can improve. We currently live in a world of 5G, but everyone agrees, we are only now at the forefront of the opportunities that 5G can generate. 

All eyes are on the future and innovation in 5G technologies. Beyond 5G, there was some discussion of how mobile can integrate further with vehicles and discussion around ways mobile can continue challenging the cloud and web. Generally, there is a keen eye on the future. 

It was exciting to be back at a major show like MWC, and we absolutely look forward to what the future has in store. If you were in attendance at MWC, we’d absolutely love to know what some of the most exciting innovations you came across included and what excites you about the future of our industry.

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