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Vecta provides independent 3rd party impartial testing services that enable users to validate the performance of transmission equipment prior to deployment into operational networks

Specialises in evaluating RF products, complete radio systems, building coverage solutions, repeaters and associated ancillary (non-RF) products for mobile and other wireless applications.


Vecta Value Proposition

Vecta’s innovative test solutions positively impact Operator’s capex and opex associated with network expansion and enhancements to legacy infrastructure. Focused on preventing defective material entering service including identifying latent product defects that impact on future reliability. Operators gain better information for vendor selection and negotiation

  • Reliable independent performance, quality and reliability data
  • Validating product value at an early phase


Latest News

  • Vecta has been delivering network improvement services to Operators in South East Asia, these services include advanced hunting of illegal transmitters within networks.

    Seemingly to increase public awareness of the level of interference that illegal transmitters have on the performance …

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  • Vecta Attends Huawei Global Antenna Technologies and Industry Forum 2017.

    Vecta was honoured to be invited to attend the Huawei Global Antenna Technologies and Industry Forum 2017 in Munich, Germany, during October 2017.  Vecta is proud of the relationship between …

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  • Vecta LLC has deployed a 2nd mobile test facility (patent applied for) in the USA to support ongoing pre-commissioning testing of Base Station Antennas.  This expansion doubles the capacity installed at the same logistics site earlier this year.

    Michael …

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  • Vecta Philippines Branch

    Vecta has entered into a partnership with an Operator in South East Asia to provide network improvement services. In conjunction with the Operator, cellular sites of critical and strategic importance will be evaluated and repaired. In addition …

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  • DENVER, CO. Vecta has successfully deployed a mobile test lab to the USA for a trial conducted in Dallas TX. The container after being shipped from Asia, was up and fully operational 4 days after landing in the USA. This type of efficiency for mobilizing an anechoic test chamber is unprecedented on an international level.

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